If you’re a proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus on Yalu Beta 3, then I’m sure you’re well aware, and probably sick of, the 7 day signing window. Basically, unless you have a paid Apple Developer account, you can only sign Yalu Beta 3 for 7 days, meaning anytime you need to reboot after those 7 days, you will have to resign the app through Cydia Impactor to get it to install again. This is a major hassle, and it makes it so you must be around your computer, in some instances, just to re-apply the jailbreak.

Today, we have the Extender App. It is now in beta, but I tested it, and it seems to work well. It does several things, but the main thing of interest is that it automatically re-signs your apps on device to defeat the 7-day signing window. Here’s a list of features:

  • Automatic re-signing of locally provisioned applications.
  • Installation of locally provisioned applications without the use of saurik’s VPN.
  • Caching of the user’s Apple ID login details (Note: sensitive information is stored in the Keychain)
  • Basic settings to configure alerts shown by the automatic re-signing.

First, add the following repo to Cydia:

Once you have that added, go ahead and install Extender from that repo. Once installed, you will need to respring.¬†After respringing, simply run the extender app that was previously installed. You will need to first login with your apple account, then you will need to generate an app-specific password and login with that as well, I’m sure this has something to do with how the app handles resigning. Now, under the ‘Installed’ tab in Extender, you can see the signing status of your self-installed IPA’s, and resign them. you can set the amount of time that you would like to resign the apps in, when the time is met, the app ¬†will be automatically resigned and a message will be displayed on screen indicating that the app has been resigned. Have fun!

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