Here is a tutorial I wrote a while back about creating a working buildroot to compile firmware for the SB6120/6141 (and possibly other models of cable modems). This is all done using open source items.

First thing, install ubuntu 9.04 using the iso with this name: ubuntu-9.04-desktop-amd64.iso, while this tutorial may work on 32 bit linux with some adjustments, it will only work with a 64 bit system in it’s current state.

The repositories will be down, because this is an old release of ubuntu. Run this command to correct our /etc/apt/sources.list:

Run this command to update the repositories and upgrade all packages:

restart, wait until update manager pops up, then let it update all the remaining packages. Restart again.

Run the following commands:

Install virtual box tools:

Click devices>Insert Guest Additions CD Image

Run terminal, and type the following command:

Logout and log back in and you should now have fullscreen support etc.

Run these commands to install the necessary tools to build:

Then, change the name of the file, just for ease, to the original name, SB_KOMODO- Run the following command to extract the file:

Now, we can build the puma5 toolchain, run the following commands:

It will error out when building subversion, issue the following commands:

Right after the line that says this:

#include “modpost.h”

Add this:

#include <linux/limits.h>

Then hit ctrl+x to save the file. Then issue these commands to run the build again:


As far as I can tell you should now have a working toolchain under /opt/armeb-linux/ti-puma5/usr/bin .

Next, run the following commands to create the build environment:

You should now be able to compile anything that is included in the package.
-Creating A Working Buildroot for SB6120/6141 Komodo

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