This post is basically a continuation of the post here : , except here I want to take the 4 wire mod all the way to the o3dsXL 7 wire hardmod.

In the previous post, I covered installing a 4 wire hardmod on an O3dsXL without any type of plug, as I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to use for a plug at that point. After some testing with the 4-wire mod, I decided that I wanted the speed of the 7-wire mod, it simply took too long to create and write dumps the the 3ds. I then began selecting a plug, one that had 7 pins that I could use to connect internally to the points I needed on the 3ds, with a female component that I could create a micro SD adapter with. After dealing with a couple different micro SD adapters, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to completely avoid taking one apart and soldering to the internals. While this did work, after reassembling the adapter I found them to be hard to get to a width that would allow easy insertion and removal. I searched for a solution, and came up with this:

SD Sniffer used to create adapter for O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod

I figured it would be easier to just use one of these as the adapter, I ordered a couple, you can find them here:

Next, I set out to choose a plug that would work well for this application. I ended up settling on some of these: . Honestly, looking back, I’m not sure if I would have picked these again, these are VERY SMALL, and they took quite a while to solder to properly. These were however, ultra small plugs, so once installed they look really nice.

So, here’s what I started with, the leftovers from the previous post where I did the 4 wire mod, the SD sniffer, and the new 7-wire male/female adapters.

O3dsXL 7 wire Harmod Starting Materials

I figured since I already had 4 of the 7 required wires ran, I would just solder the three remaining wires, then make my plug connections to the male end, using the opening in the corner of the O3dsXL that was made when I removed the carrying strap connector. I did need to use a dremel to open the location up a bit, but in the end, the plug looked to fit quite well

O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod plug location

And here’s a shot of the additional wires soldered to DAT1-DAT3, these are required for the O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod

O3dsXL 7 Wire Hardmod DAT1 thru DAT3

Here are a few shots of the wires all glued down and soldered to the Micro connector. I really don’t have any tips for soldering to the connector, I basically placed the connector firmly in the corner, and slowly proceeded to solder each wire. When done, I tested each of the wires to verify there were no shorts and that I had continuity in the proper places. Once I verified everything, I basically encapsulated the entire thing in hot glue, to make sure that it would not move again.

O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod installation 1

O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod installation 2

As you can see, everything ended up OK, and I’m pretty happy with the placement, makes it very easy to plug into, as you can see in this shot

O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod plugged in

The O3dsXL 7 wire hardmod works great and is much faster than the 4 wire! All in all I couldn’t be happier!

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